Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Days of Music Feature: Phoebe

 A Girl Named Phoebe

For the month of March, I would want to feature my very dear friend Phoebe. I was thinking of what or whom to feature for my 30 Days of Music month and I had thought of her because she loves music and she herself is like a melody ringing in the sweet summer air. 

Pheobe is a very strong-willed girl, well I can say lady now (she turned 21 on the 4th of this month!) and she is so full of spirit and passion when it comes to dedication in work and in serving other people. I have worked with her at the Polynesian Cultural Center HR office and I have seen how she loves being on top of everything even though everything is going crazy with her school work. I admire her for having that great attitude in speaking her mind out whenever she knows she is right and never hesitates when in doubt. I have learned a lot about life from her and I miss working with her at the office. She is a very wonderful friend who always sticks there until the end (thank you for all the help you had given me last year when I was in financial crisis. LOL). 

I am glad and beyond happy to have Phoebe as one of my closest friends here in Brigham Young University Hawaii. If you haven't met her yet, you are missing out. 

Lots of Love,
Naomi xoxox

Phoebe and I during PCC's Haunted Lagoon 2010

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