Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 4 (April 5, 2012)

Question 4: “Were there any guys who had made your heart beat during your stay here in Hawaii?”

Me: “Hahaha. I got tons! (jk) I had always got my mom worried before I came to study here because she knows that I always keep secrets when it comes to guys. I remember how I always get “interrogated” whenever they see a photo of me with a guy or if ever I mention a guy’s name to them over chat. Even my friends whom I came at the same time in Fall 2008 (Ira, Nyla, Juna, Jessa, Trixie, and Fidel) made a bet that I will be the first person to have a boyfriend/get married. And it was not until January 2011 that a brave soul asked me out to watch a movie. My very first date. I dated a good number of guys (who are all my good friends) but never had a boyfriend .  :)

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