Sunday, February 21, 2010

Iolani Palace

February 20, 2010

Who says Hawaii is only for the white sand beaches? If you think this way, you will totally miss the great history behind this beautiful tropical island. When you go to the heart of the city, you will behold old architectures that are of British style. And who could have imagined that I was able to step and see the beauty of the Iolani Palace? Yes! It is a palace and it is only here in Hawaii among the other states where there a palace is built. And today, Ate Apple and I spent the rest of our afternoon (after shopping from Ross, which is 5 minutes away from this wonderful place) taking photos of the historical site.


The Iolani Palace is the "official residence of the Hawaiian Kingdom's last two monarchs--King Kalakaua, who built the palace in 1882, and his sister successor, Queen Lili'uokalani." (

I am having fun goofing out while Ate Apple is so concentrated on her modeling skils. ^_^


Was Ate Apple thinking about Idris? teehee

And was I thinking about....? LOL.

The Palace Grounds

thank you Ate Apple for taking such candid photos of me. I love it!


it's good the alarm did not go off when we sat by the "no entry" area

feel the sunshine

"welcome to my house"

Ate Apple modeling orange fad

another candid

I did not expect the sun to give such a vignetting effect on this photo. good job Ate!

Idris again. ^_^

a mystery lingers behind the closed windows

very British architecture

the stairway to royalty

looks like the Baroque architecture with sculptures in the ceilings

the magical tree by the Palace grounds with the gazebo behind

the gazebo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sails Away!

February 15, 2010

A bright and perfect Monday holiday for us until the boat buzzed "NO OIL". My nephew kept on repeating that we were doomed at the middle of the ocean. :) We waited for the boat guys to come and check on us and luckily, they still have a spare boat that we can ride on!

To cut our little drama, we arrived at the sand bar, in the middle of Kaneohe Bay and had our little picnic with Ate Abi and Kuya Rob's friends. I did not care this time if I got a little tan because the scene was great to take some photographs! So here are some of the photos that I got during that day!