Saturday, May 22, 2010

100 Days

Davey Davey Dave! (eto na naman ako. LOL)

I made this poem especially for you to thank you for always being there for me kahit nagbrownout, na disconnect, or nawalan man ng internet. Thank you rin sa mga tutorials (especially for teaching me how to make transform my Windows XP into a mock Win7. LOL) and sa mga anime stuffs natin. :) Thank you for the spelling bee and the grammar checks that we always have sa chat natin sa YM. Sobrang sabog lang tayo sa mga usapan natin. hahaha. Mabuti na lang di ka napipikon kapag nagiging hyper ako sa kakulitan ("dave dave dave!" or "fluffy!" LOL). ^___^ You are the kindest person I ever met in this life. Wala na akong masasabi pa. I-combine mo man lahat ng words mula sa dictionary eh di pa rin sapat for me to express how thankful I am to have you in my life.

Pasensiya kung lagi na lang akong may pinapabasa sa iyo (aside from the tons of letters I sent you. LOL). Alam ko naman na bookworm ka rin like me so I guess you would definitely would want to read a poem made especially for you. ;p

100 Days

100 days natin ngayon at
99 times kong inisip ang
98 per cent ng content ng ika
97 na sulat ko para sa iyo.

96 of the time, ay may
95 tayong magandang ginagawa.

94 times na tumatawa sa
93 na corny jokes at
92 na mga trip trip at
92 na mga bloopers sa loob ng
90 minutes.

89 times ka man na disconnect at
88 hours man ng ako ay nawalan ng Internet, may
87 messages pa rin akong natanggap with
86 sentences that includes
85 iloveu's
84 smileys
83 LOLs
82 ^____^ which totals to the
81 messages sa inbox ko.

80 days bago kita nakilala ay may
79 percent info na ako about
78 things that you do,
77 places that you go to,
76 of the websites you surf, and
75 of the Deviant Art works that you like the most. I know
74 times kang nagtataka kung bakit isa ako sa mga
73 na girls na nagkakagusto sa iyo among the
72 boys sa ating ComSci department. Well sa
71 na population niyong mga boys eh
70 ay absentee kaya ikaw talaga ang agaw pansin. LOL. Over achiever. :p

(mag short cut na ako)

69 divided by three equals
23 days before I left on the
22nd of July for Manila ay
21 times kong inisip at
20 times kong inalala ang iyong ngiti.

19 pa lang ako noon ngunit it felt like I have known you for
18 years of my life. Akala ko when I was
17 I had found what they call true love. When I was
16 I thought I found my Prince Charming among the
15 suitors in line since I was
14 pa lamang (ang dami naman ata masyado. LOL). Then I remembered my dream when I was
13 about my Mr. Right. I told myself that I would meet him someday. I just had to wait.

12 months before my birthday and
11 days before the
10th of June, you stepped into my life. Feeling ko I was in Cloud
9 (parang chocolate lang. LOL). It was a Monday at
8 o'clock by the
7-stepped staircase sa
6th corner ng
5-storey building ng ating school where I first saw you. I believed in that moment na kahit na
4 hundred thousand or million miles away man ako for you. there would always be
3 small worlds that would keep us together. And I thank God for blessing me with an angel like you.
2morrow may not be the same as today but you would always be my
1 and only Ian Dave Agcaoili Manguira. <3

I am so blessed to have met you in this life Dave. You had taught me much about life, and most of all, I learned what love is from loving you.

Your best-est girlfriend (siyempre nag-iisa lang ako sa mundo :p )
Naomi Kaye Amistad Yanga

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ate Apple's Graduation

You will always be our dear Ate Apple Jane!

video video

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Forever and Always


I have something for you. It is from a song and it perfectly expresses my thoughts for you:

I had you, I had everything I ever dreamed of--
From that first look I knew I found heaven in your eyes
but who was to know the way it would go?
I have no regrets. Glad I let you in
wouldn't have missed one single moment
I would do it all over again.

I held you, I held everything I ever dreamed of--
From that first kiss I knew all this world seemed all so right
but who was to see the way it would be?
I'll never forget all the heaven we shared and I thank God for every moment--every moment that I had you there.

Glad I got the chance to have you in my life.
I won't be sad when I look back 'cause
I was loved, I was touched and I learned what love is.
I was blessed, so blessed 'cause I learned what love is.
I learned what love is from loving you. <3

Nakakagawa ka naman pala ng sulat eh. :) I would never block you off my list and for me, that is the most stupidest thing that someone would ever do. Friends pa rin tayo. As in super best friends and we would always be super friends. ^___^. Wala na akong mahahanap na katulad mo sa mundo kaya I won't let you go. At bakit naman kita biglang hindi kakausapin? Masyado naman akong feeling para deadmahin ang isang gwapo at super talinong guy na si Ian Dave Agcaoili Manguira. :p I promise you that nothing would change. Mahal pa rin kita at ikaw lang ang aking one and only Dave. I would always treasure everything that we had (I saved all our conversations sa YM. :p) and you would always be my minamahal. Kung ito man ay isa sa mga pamatay nating kakornihan eh I do not care because it is what my heart wants you to know, that you had been my angel, and a blessing from up above. (In short, panalo pa rin ako. hahah.) ^____^

I know that we do have a lot in common and I had never been so open and honest with my feelings than what I had been to you Dave. You taught me a lot, more than the PC tutorials and all the links that you had shared with me. I realized that you could only meet such a person like you once in a lifetime and I am so much blessed to have met you in my life. Maari nga na ang tanging memory of you with me is the day when you held my hand sa computer lab but that one moment that twisted our fate led us to a friendship that no one and nothing can ever compare to. Mula noon, you had always been there for me, not counting the "emo days" that we had. LOL. Ngayon ko na realize na sa mundong ito, iilan lamang talaga ang maituturing mo na mga tunay na kaibigan and you are one among the few that I have known quite so well.

I am so much grateful to you for always bearing with my kakulitan sa YM or pag minsan I am so high with my emotions towards my love for you. I am being this way siguro dahil nga I am away from home and iilan lamang ang mga tunay kong napagsasabihan ng nararamdaman ko. Natutuwa ako whenever you ask me "musta naman ang day mo?" because it makes me feel that I had accomplished something. I am thankful sa mga oras that you had spent with me, kahit gaano mo na ako pinapatulog dahil I still have a class the next day. I am thankful because I found what other people cannot find in you. You have such a wonderful love in your heart. A love that is willing to wait. A love that is unselfish and so true.

Dave, please stay with me until our 100th day (June 9). Alam ko na you would want it earlier and I am being selfish but I would want it better that way. Please please please? Nais kong sulitin ang pangungulit ko sa iyo (well, makulit naman na talaga ako noon pa) and it may not be that often dahil "pinapahiraman ka lang ng PC" sa ngayon pero I still want you to stay with me. Just for a little more. ^___^

I remember one quote that I sent you (nasa mga capsules). Sabi doon: "No man is worth your tears and the right man for you won't make you cry." I know you are the right one kasi you always make me smile until my face hurts like this: ^__________^. hahaha. Even now, I may had cried just a little but it was tears for joy. It was tears of happiness that I had got the opportunity to have you in my life as my schoolmate (mula high school), inii-stalk (lover pala), crush, secret admirer, chat mate, fiance, boyfriend, barkada, and my best-est boy buddy. :) I would always be here for you Dave just like how you were with me all the time. I am just a wallpost/IM/message away whenever I am done with my school stuffs. :)

I am hoping that after you read this message of mine ay napangiti ko ang pinakagwapong nilalang sa buong mundo. Pagpasensiyahan mo na rin kung ang mga girls like me ay more expressive sa mga feelings dahil hindi mo ako mapipigilan kung sasabihin kong mahal na mahal pa rin kita Dave. Masanay ka na rin kung biglaan akong sisipot ng parang kabute from nowhere. mas masaya rin kung makakatawag ka sa akin sa kaarawan ko. masaya na ako when I hear your voice that is such a music to my ears. hahaha. fluffy. :p

I love you mahal ko.

Sa iyo ko lamang naintindihan ang tunay na worth of those three words. Some people just say it just for the sake of pampering one's ego (weapons of mass distraction. hehe) but you say it to me because you sincerely feel so.

And I say it to you because you are worth my love and my care.

Yours Forever,
Naomi Kaye Amistad Yanga