Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011 30 Days of Fashion Feature: Stephanie Kulchar

The Girl Named Stephanie

Name: Stephanie Kae Kulchar
Location: Philippines

Style: Laid-back, flower child groove

Favorite Quotation: Never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.

I would want to extend my thanks to my dear grade school best friend Stephanie for allowing me to post her photos in my fashion blog. Her great taste in fashion made her way here in my blog and had helped me in making my fashion blogging a success. :) Thank you so much Skae!

30 Days of Fashion (01.31.2011)

Just like what Trixie's (Philippines) shirt says, be bright in blue!

30 Days of Fashion (01.30.2011)

Ji Hye (Korea) ramps her all black ensemble.

30 Days of Fashion (01.29.2011)

Filipino on the block! Larry did a great job in sporting the neutrals.

30 Days of Fashion (01.28.2011)

Kelemana from New Caledonia definitely knows how to rock her chic ensemble today!

30 Days of Fashion (01.27.2011)

I just love her eye-popping cardigan. :)

30 Days of Fashion (01.26.2011)

I was not able to get her name (and she was in a hurry to catch the bus too) but I appreciate how she spared a second for her photo to be taken with her rocking biker outfit. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 Days of Fashion (01.25.2011)

I just love Amy's screen tee.

30 Days of Fashion (01.24.2011)

Filipino. The hat says it all for Amoz.

30 Days of Fashion (01.23.2011)

Ayumi-chan plays with the pop of peach in her stripes.

30 Days of Fashion (01.22.2011)

Glen's got the attitude.

30 Days of Fashion (01.21.2011)

Weathirly is so adorable in her plaids.

30 Days of Fashion (01.20.2011)

I love how Marcus plays up his basic shirt and jeans look with this vest.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 Days of Fashion (01.19.2011)

I love SJ's (South Korea) leopard scarf and her mustard cardi!

30 Days of Fashion (01.18.2011)

It was good to run over Brent (California) again today! He is looking sleek and cool in his plaid shirt, skinny pants, and that satchel that caught my attention.

30 Days of Fashion (01.17.2011)

Makeleta (Tonga) plays it cool in a black and white ensemble.

30 Days of Fashion (01.16.2011)

Tanner sports a laid-back 'tude in his plaid shirt.

30 Days of Fashion (01.15.2011)

Alan (South Korea) keeps her military inspired ensemble sweet with her buckled platforms.

30 Days of Fashion (01.14.2011)

Manase (Tonga) is the man with his outfit today.

30 Days of Fashion (01.13.2011)

Belynda (Japan) rocks a retro hoodie.

30 Days of Fashion (01.12.2011)

I see Rommel (Philippines) and I see stripes.

30 Days of Fashion (01.11.2011)

Salisha's (Grenada, Caribbean) purple top creates a dramatic mood in her all black ensemble.

30 Days of Fashion (01.10.2011)

Matthew (Samoa) got those awesome old school kicks and the stripes.

30 Days of Fashion (01.09.2011)

Lisa (Boise, ID) brought sunshine on this rainy day with her mustard top. :)

30 Days of Fashion (01.08.2011)

The plaid cardigan, the black skinny pants, the Chucks, and the bag. Definitely Philip (Philippines).

30 Days of Fashion (01.07.2011)

Kanisha (Boise, ID) rocked her copped top with a stripped tank and the denims. :)

30 Days of Fashion (01.06.2011)

The perfect Old School Joshua (Alberta, Canada). Tell me about the striped cardi. :)

30 Days of Fashion (01.05.2011)

Chimedlkham's (Mongolia) purple cardigan really popped out her outfit today! I love her gold buckled flats too!

30 Days of Fashion (01.04.2011)

Iloilo (Long Beach, CA) says 'Just Do It'.

30 Days of Fashion (01.03.2011)

I just love the plum color of Gladys' (Tonga) boots that matches her printed top so well.

30 Days of Fashion (01.02.2011)

Brandon (Seattle, WA) is going for the old school skater look in this photo.

30 Days of Fashion (01.01.2011)

This is my good friend Ambree (Las Vegas, NV) and she is so fashionable always! I love her scarf and her colors so I asked her if she could pose for a photo. :)

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

I decided to do a fashion blog, for I was inspired by the sartorialist (who has this super dooper cool fashion blog that you should check out too!) This photos are not daily photos that I took but I would just want to start it off for the first day of the year so I will have an entire collection after the end of the year (if ever I will miss some days. haha).

So enjoy and thank you for my dear schoolmates for taking their time!