Sunday, June 20, 2010

If This Were All A Dream

May mahahanap pa kaya akong katulad mo?
I guess wala kasi nag iisa ka lang.
And YOU are MINE.


poisoned_hrt: bakit ka pa maghahanap ng katulad ko
poisoned_hrt: kung meron naman iba baka mas hihigit pa sakin diba?
nkayanga_03: blah blah blah blah
nkayanga_03: dont wanna hear that
nkayanga_03: all i want is you for now

Ikaw lang gusto ko
madamot na ako kung madamot

poisoned_hrt: ahahaha nasobrahan ko ata ang magic dust sayo :P
nkayanga_03: ahahah
nkayanga_03: di naman
poisoned_hrt: harhar :P
nkayanga_03: tunay na nagmamahal lang ako sa iyo
poisoned_hrt: ahahahaha
nkayanga_03: at napamahal pa
poisoned_hrt: mahal na mahal kita naomi :)


Like a never-ending cycle of falling in love over and over again
with you


poisoned_hrt: :)
poisoned_hrt: di ako naka smile na prang baliw simple lang smile ko ahahaha
nkayanga_03: in simplicity comes the most sincere things
nkayanga_03: :)


Well, I did fall in love with a very simple boy
na may naguumapaw na sincerity.
Maybe iyon ang rason bakit I won't let go
dahil I feel afraid that no one would love me the way that you do.

I know that there would be that someone who would be the one for me
But I just want to stubborn for the moment--
All I want to think about and to see is the one I have right in front of me now.

Siguro pag nagkita muli tayo, I may not have all the courage in the world to say all these things to you.
Baka mas maging mahiyain pa ako kaysa sa iyo.
Kaya sana kung tahimik lamang akong nakangiti pag nagkita tayo, don't be disappointed.
Kung nakatingin man lamang ako sa iyo, huwag ka sanang ma-conscious.

During those silent moments, I am just making myself believe that
it is not just a dream, and that
you really are mine.
I would be in bliss--the highest state of what we know as happiness.

I know if I close my eyes, I would miss that smile of yours.


poisoned_hrt: maybe i should be with you right now


Minsan pa nga I told myself na imagination ko lang ang lahat ng ito
Or maybe this is all just a dream.
But then I told myself that all I need to do is to believe and have a little faith
That when I wake up and open my eyes,
You would still be there and
You would still be mine.


poisoned_hrt: i promise
poisoned_hrt: its not a dream
poisoned_hrt: is real :)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Superhero

Who is my superhero?

Well, he could sweep you off your feet with his super human strength
but he does have weakness for kryptonite.

Edward Cullen--?
Well, he is sparkly and got that must-have Volvo
but he is a little bit cold to give someone warmth.

Well, he is amazing for shooting out those webs
but if it wasn't for the radioactive spider then he would just be Peter.

Harry Potter--?
Well, he can mystify you with a single spell
but he would always have that crazy headache whenever the You-Know-Who is around.

Well, he has a cool automobile with all the gadgets that you could ever imagine
but without it, he would just be using his feet to walk the paths of Gotham.

I guess my superhero is someone not everybody knows.

He swept me off my feet and put my sleepy head to bed.
He does have weaknesses but it is where he gets his strength.

He may not have a Volvo but he sparkles with kindness and warm with love.

He keeps us together by shooting jokes instead of webs
and cracks us up whenever a roach comes flying overhead.

He did mesmerize my mom with his smile for a spell.
If he did get a headache, well it is from me and my sister I can tell.

He may not have gadgets to look cool but he's already cool himself.
He walks with us everyday and leads us to do what is right.

He is my kind of hero who never needs super human strength.
Nor spells, or webs, or cars, or gadgets.
He is someone who needed not a disguise--
My daddy, is and forever will be the superhero of my life!