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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 9 (April 10, 2012)

Question 9: “Anything else you would want to say to the people who would get the chance to read this blog entry?”

Me: “Mahalo nui loa for everything. Aloha O’e until we meet again.” 

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 8 (April 9, 2012)

Question 8: “So, is there really not any guy who is in your heart right now? Is he here in Hawaii? Or back home in the Philippines? or somewhere else?”  

Me: “(Is this an interrogation? :P Get ready for the cheese ball that’s coming. :P) Hmmm…I really like this guy for almost a year now even though most of the time we get caught up with school and work, and yes, me “ditching” our dates. LOL. I don’t know why, but he’s just constantly on my mind (FOR A YEAR!) and has been in my heart ever since and will always be there. ;)

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 7 (April 8, 2012)

Question 7: “So what are your plans when you get home?”

Me: “Find a job, eat Filipino foods, spend time with my family and friends. I know that I will once again be in a tourist mode since I haven’t been home for three and a half years straight, but I know that I will get settled in a few weeks or two and than I shall move on the the new chapter in my life.”

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 6 (April 7, 2012)

Question 6: “Give us a few of the most important things that you have learned during your stay here in Hawaii as a whole . ”


#1 .  If you need an answer to a question, you should ask .  No need to be ashamed of for inquiring about something that you want to know .  Ask it away . Give yourself that benefit of that doubt . 

#2 .  Be open-minded .  The more you learn how to understand others and be considerate, the easier you will be able to get along with them . Especially that I am in an environment with people from all over the globe. That’s the secret to gaining friendship and trust with your roommates and colleagues at work.  
#3 .  Be yourself and never apologize for the way that you have chosen to live your life.  That’s what I love here . You are entitled to be able to express yourself.  I was able to broaden my skills and talents and I was able to discover what I truly want to pursue in life .  Who would have known that my first grade drawing skills would get me a degree in Graphic Design today? I thank my wonderful mentors (Auntie Ruth, Uncle Isi, Sis. Saenz, Bro. Skaf, Sis. Helekunihi) for helping me discover that natural artist in me .  Mahalo!
#4 .  Learn how to ride the public transportation .  I totally love The Bus! Once you are on Bus 55 (Circle Island), you will always be on track. :D I know it takes like 2 hours to get to town but hey, beggars cannot be choosers .  Unless you have amazing friends (like my cousin Rommel) who can give you a ride once in a while.

#5. It’s okay to cry once in a while. When you miss home, it’s okay to cry. When you get your heart broken, it’s okay to cry. When you hit your toe, it’s okay to cry. When you have a paper due tomorrow and you haven’t done it yet, it’s okay to cry while you finish it (who’s fault was it anyway? :P) Crying is never a sign of weakness. It is a reminder that we are still alive.  

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 5 (April 6, 2012)

Question 5: “Is there a reason why?”

Me: “Reason for why I never had a boyfriend? It’s because no one asked me to be their girlfriend! LOL . :P Your next question should better be good. Hahaha.”

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 4 (April 5, 2012)

Question 4: “Were there any guys who had made your heart beat during your stay here in Hawaii?”

Me: “Hahaha. I got tons! (jk) I had always got my mom worried before I came to study here because she knows that I always keep secrets when it comes to guys. I remember how I always get “interrogated” whenever they see a photo of me with a guy or if ever I mention a guy’s name to them over chat. Even my friends whom I came at the same time in Fall 2008 (Ira, Nyla, Juna, Jessa, Trixie, and Fidel) made a bet that I will be the first person to have a boyfriend/get married. And it was not until January 2011 that a brave soul asked me out to watch a movie. My very first date. I dated a good number of guys (who are all my good friends) but never had a boyfriend .  :)

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 3 (April 4, 2012)

Question 3: “How was the adjustment during your first semester of school in Brigham Young University-Hawaii?”

Me: “I first came here when I was 19 and it was my first time to be way away from my family and friends. I did miss my folks back home at some point, but then time just went as it supposed to go for first semester that I got caught up with school and work, so I never really got super homesick. Of course, there were adjustments that I have to go through—the new environment, the new education system, working and at the same time studying, meeting roommates, and making new friends—but then I learned that it was all up to me if I want to just keep on wishing that I was in the same comfort zone like I was back home or to make the most out it. And I do not regret that I have chosen the latter.

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 2 (April 3, 2012)

Question 2: “What are some of the things that you think that you will surely miss in Hawaii?”
Me: “I will definitely miss the Aloha Spirit from the people. I had never been to such a place where people are generally so nice and helpful. Hawaii is the first place that I had been abroad and I can definitely say that it was like love at first sight.”

Ten Days and Counting: Question Number 1 (April 2, 2012)

Question 1: “Are you getting the mixed feelings now that you only have 10 days left here in Hawaii?”

Me: “Yes I am feeling that way. Excited to go home, but at the same time sad that I will be leaving such a beautiful and special place.”

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Three Years and a Half

Mahalo for everyone who had been a part of my life here in Brigham Young University-Hawaii! I will forever cherish the friendship and the memories that we all had and I thank you all for the wonderful things that you have shared and taught me!

With much love and aloha,
Naomi Kaye Amistad Yanga