Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power Up!

If you were gonna be marooned for the rest of your life, what would you want to have with you?


1. Naruto

2. Need for Speed

3. Boogie Superstar (Wii)


1. Dream a Little Dream by Michael Buble

2. Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

3. Come Away With Me by Norah Jones


1. The Book of Mormon

2. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

3. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks


1. Somewhere In Time (Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour)

2. If Only (Jennifer Love-Hewitt/Paul Nichols)

3. Inception (Leonardo DiCarpio/Joseph Gordon-Levitt)


1. If you could go back in time and change the future, but you only had five minutes, where would you go?The day when I was in Salt Lake City Temple in Utah last June. I should have went to the Church Musuem and beheld the great works of art by the masters. ^^/

2. If you had to be stuck living in some time period in the past, what time period would you pick?

I would want to go back in the retro years. The years when The Beatles invaded the airwaves!

3. If you could go back and videotape one event from your own life, what would it be?

I would video tape the moment when I was singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to my late grandpa Ramon. That was when I was five years old in their house in QC.

4. If you could go back and tell your past self one thing, what would it be?

"Remember who you are. Not only as the Naomi whom the people sees but the Naomi that you really are."


Defining Goals

1. If you were to fully live your life, what is the first change you would start to make?

I would be more practical in spending my money. I would only spend for the things that I truly NEED. :)

2. What areas of you life could be upgraded / tweaked?

My emotional area. hahaha. Sometimes I give up to my emotions easily instead of using my head to deal with challenging situations. :p

3. What could we work on now that would make the biggest difference to your life?

Decision-making. :) I need to make myself getting used in facing my life's biggest decisions and I need to be more keen on it. :)

4. How would you feel about doubling that goal?

That would be more awesome! I bet I would be twice as succesful in accomplishing my goals!

5. What are you tolerating / putting up with?

I am tolerating some plan Bs and Cs with my plan A because I do need to have some back up if I fail in my first attempt.

6. What do you want MORE of in your life? (Make a list)

  • Time
  • Opportunity
  • Resources

7. What do you want LESS of in your life? (Make a list)

  • Drama
  • Excuses
  • Frustrations

8. What are the three things you are doing regularly that don't serve or support you?

  • Facebook browsing (imagine all the wasted hours snooping other people's profiles)
  • Sulking (sometimes) over a little matter
  • Overwhelming myself with things-to-do instead of breaking it down bit by bit

9. How could you make this goal more specific or measurable?

  • Make a to-do list
  • Set a time table to accomplish each task
  • Give yourself a deadline. A little pressure can boost your brain to think. :)

10. What would be the biggest impact from achieving your goal(s)?

I always get the feeling of accomplishment and boosts my confidence that I can do (almost) anything on my own!

11. What would you try now if you knew you could not fail?

I would try to be more conscientious in my studies. More focused and dedicated in the things I read. :p

12. How can we make this something you're aiming towards, rather than something you're trying to move away from?

I would change my study habits but cutting off my time with technology (away from the computer) and more time with the books. :P

13. What do you love?

I love the arts--most especially fashion designing and photography.

14. What do you hate?

Math problems--Algebra, Calculus...I suck. :p

15. What's one thing you would love to do before you die?

I would love to travel the world--atleast travel around the Philippines and check out the wonderful places and take photos. :)

16. Is now the right time for you to make a commitment to achieving these goals?

Yes it is definitely the time. :)

17. What could we work on right now that would really put a smile on your face?

My wisdom tooth extraction for my mission application. hahaha. After that, I would be worry-free and would just be waiting for my call. :)

18. For your life to be perfect, what would have to change?

Nothing. I love my life now and the ups and the downs are necessary in making life more exciting. I do not aim for perfection but I am willing to give a room for improvement. :)

19. What do you really, really want?

I really, really want to go to a fashion school (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) and then open my own studio/boutique. :)

20. What's one change you could make to your lifestyle that would give you more peace?

Stay away from other people's way and just do my own thing without getting into other people's way. ^^/

General Diagnostic Questions

21. What are three of your greatest strengths?

  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Prioritizing

22. What are you most excited about now? What are you looking forward to?

Getting my mission call. :)

23. What's one way to get more energy into your life?

Having a more positive outlook in life and pumping up myself with work and enthusiasm.

24. If your relationship was IDEAL, what's one thing that would be different?

I am not in one currently but when the right time comes, I can say it would be different because I already have a confirmation that he is the one. I am just waiting for the right time. :)

25. What would be your ideal career - if you could do anything?

I would want to be a fashion stylist and a fashion photographer at the same time. :) I want to work freelance so I can still stay at home and fulfill my family obligations. :)

26. What's one thing that you could do to give yourself more peace financially?

Continue to pay my tithing and have some to share to those who are in need. :)

27. What is your life really about? What is your purpose?

My life is about living it accordingly with the teachings of Christ and doing my best to achieving my goals for myself and for my family as well. It is more than just living a dream but it is more of having an eternal perspective in choice that I would be making in this life. :)

28. If you had to guess your life purpose (from looking at your life to date), what would
it be?

I do not need to guess because the choices that I am making now would bring me to the life that I wanted to have while I am here on earth. Life is to short to be wasted with guesses and wrong assumptions. We need to be sure on what we want to achieve and who we want to become.

29. What would you like most to be acknowledged for so far in your life?

I would just want to be acknowldged as a good friend whom you can count on through thick or thin. :)

30. Who in your life should be acknowledged more? Would you like to acknowledge them for something today?

I would want to acknowledge my parents and my sister because they were really the ones who had helped me grow to be the lady that I am right now. And of course I would also want to acknowledge my best friend Dave for being a shining star and a guiding light in all the decisions that I face from the last 3 years until the years to come. Thank you for everything. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Daughter's Letter (August 14, 2010)

Apat lang kami sa pamilya pero masaya. Puno ng kwela at trip. Parang mga pamilya sa koreanobela sa ABS at GMA lang. :P

Panganay ako. Ako taga luto/laba/plantsa. Di na kailangan magreklamo kasi may pang load naman ako pagkatapos. hahaha.

Dahil ako ang ate, dapat ako ang example sa kapatid ko.

I did not take it seriously dati and all I cared for is myself. I was selfish dati.

I took it for granted before but as I see my sister grow, I realized that indeed I need to be there for her. She needs me.

She needs her Ate. And now I am doing my very best to a role model. :)

I have a sister who is 15 years old. Ubod ng kakulitan. Grabe. Hindi lang iyon. Inatasan pa atang maging spy ko.

Laging may intelligence report kay mommy lalo na pagdating sa mga BOYS. Mas malupit pa sa surveillance camera at bugbog sarado abot ng mga umaaligid na manliligaw (di ko alam if tumatalab pa rin ang suhol na Dota sa kaniya. bahaha).

Masipag mag aral kapatid ko. Magaling pa sa math at sa pag memorize. Saludo ako sa kaniya kasi I am bad in those areas. =)

Super friendly siya. Kapag lumilipat kami ng bahay, may kaibigan na siyang mga bata in an hour. Ako kahit isa walang kilala.

Matalino siyang bata and pag may goal siya eh natutupad niya. Talo ako pagdating sa pag iipon ng pera. Siya ang example ko. hahaha.

I left when she was 13 years old. When I come home, she would be 18 years old. My little sister would be a lady-in-the-making na.

No longer a little girl. But still would be my dear little sis. ^^/

Miss na raw niya ako. Well, miss ko na rin siya kahit super kulit lang. :p

Guidance Counselor si Daddy (Minsan ginagamitan niya ako ng mga Psychology strategies niya pag matigas ulo ko. haha). Bago pa man siya nakaabot doon, nagsimula si dad na tricycle driver. Naaalala ko pa noong 6 years old ako na tinatawag ko siya kapag napapadaan siya sa bahay namin sa pagpapasada niya. Kakaway siya sa akin tapos hihintayin ko siya sa may gate hanggang makauwi na sa hapon. He gave me my first coloring book noong pasko. Tanda ko si Jack and the Beanstalk yun. :) Lagi niya ako binibilhan ng Moo at siopao noong nasa kinder ako. Tapos every birthday ko, regalo niya sa akin ay mga libro. I loved all those fairytale books at coloring books. I still have them back home sa mini library ko. :)

Marami akong natutunan kay daddy. I learned how to fix the radio and to solder some parts sa speaker. I also learned how to grow fond of watches and upraise some good brands. Dad is also my best friend when it comes to cars and other techie stuffs. I was always his assistant when he is fixing something and I get so familiarized with all his wrenches and screw drivers. Tahimik lang si Daddy pero ang lalim mag isip. Mahilig siya magbasa ng books, which I guess nakuha ko siguro sa kaniya yung pagka book worm ko. Mahilig siya sa mga documentary lalo na mga World War movies. Mahilig siya sa classic movies kaya natutunan ko rin maging hilig ang mga movies like Somewhere In Time, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, at ang ever comedy na Charlie Chaplin. Sa kaniya ko rin nakuha ang musical taste ko for jazz, bossa nova, classical (Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven), and the old school rock (Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Neil Young, Peter Paul and Mary, etc).

Joker si daddy at panalo pa rin ang mga corny niyang jokes. Magaling rin magluto si Daddy. Paborito ko yung cornbeef omelet pag breakfast and kahit Lucky Me! chicken noodles lang na may itlog tuwing umuulan eh panalo pa rin. I see my dad as one of the greatest people in my life. He is a great example of what a father and a husband should be. Masipag siya at laging nandiyan. I know he loves me kaya he is doing his best to protect me from getting my heart broken by my wrong decisions. He is our guiding light sa pamilya. He is always there to put a smile on our faces and keep our family strong in the gospel. My daddy had always been a man of wisdom and faith. And as her daugther, I will not fail my dad and I will make sure to find the right man who reflects the values that he has. In due time of course. :)

My mommy naman is an Accountant (pero parang abogada siya pag may nagawa akong kasalanan. haha). Magaling mag budget and I am glad that I learned how from her. She manages the family affairs (wow parang may pagkalaki laking business naman) along with my dad. She is a business woman at heart and natutunan ko ring kumita in small ways since I was in the Grade 3--nagsimula sa Jackpot na candy hanggang sa Choki Choki tapos naging pastillas. Nung high school medyo humupa pero naging upraiser ako ng mga barkada ko sa mga gamit na benta nila (skateboard, acoustic at electric guitar, cellphone) at ako rin tumatawad sa mga nais nilang bilhin sa ibang mga tropa. Nung college naman, I was able to sell Victoria's Secret na mga pabango at whitening soap sa mga teachers. Well kumita ako and meron akong pambili ng mga gamit ko sa school. :) I am glad that my mom taught me how to have the confidence to market items as young as I was. (Lately, I was able to sell some of my clothes and accesories rin nga eh. Thanks mommy!)

Aside from the serious side of my mom, she is the best when it comes to homemaking. She taught me how to read when I was 3 years old (I was able to read in English when we visited my grandma in Manila. I was reading a news article from the Inquirer as they said) and continued to teach me until I was able to go to school. I help her prepare the ingredients for the meal she would be preparing and later on, she taught me how to cook a meal. And now, cooking had become one of my favorite things to do. She is also a little perfectionist and our house is always so neat and clean and organized. She always tells me that I should always think that someone may come and visit and our house should always be nice and clean. Koting liko lang ng upuan sa sala napapansin niya. Lalo pa ang mga damit namin sa cabinet ng kapatid ko. hahaha. Weekly inspector siya parang White Glove lang sa dorms. :) I am thankful for that training kasi natuto akong maging organized sa lahat ng gamit ko and hindi lang iyon, pati na rin sa priorities ko and sa budget. I owe mommy a whole lot. :)

Siyempre, hindi rin pawawala sa uso ang mommy ko. With her 5'7 and slim frame, my mom is a very fashionable lady. From the pencil skirts, to the structured shoulders, and the black stockings and the high waisted pants, not to mention the matching shoes and bags, you can definitely say that my mom is a fashionista. She is my shopping partner sa ukay-ukay. Dati lagi kami nagka-clash sa fashion sense kasi I always go for the edgy look while she prefers the classic look. Sometimes we end up buying nothing kasi yung gusto ko eh ayaw niya. Para ma resolve tampo ko, we would go over the sidewalk and ask me to choose whichever I want from the tiangge items. She knows I love accesories so I go for it. I would buy 3 headbands for P20 and I am so happy na. :P Then we would go and buy some nail polish and I would do her manicure at home. Now I am loving my mother's fashion sense and I realized why she does not approve of the edgy look much because she would want me to look at my very best always. :)

My mom is also my best friend. Dati feeling ko masyado na siyang OA sa pagbabawal sa akin na magkanobyo or manliligaw. Later did I realize na ayaw lang nila ako masaktan and they do not want me ending up with someone who is not worth it. Naisipan ko pa dating mag layas (promise. ewan ko ba ano pumasok sa isip ko noon. :p) One of the greatest things she told me was this (and it goes for all the girls too):

"Hindi mo kailangang magmadali anak. Maganda ka at matalino. Kung yung mga pinakasimpleng mga tao ay nakakahanap ng para sa kanila, mas lalo pa sa iyo. Tuparin mo muna mga pangarap mo. Darating rin ang para sa iyo in due time."

Sometimes I still fall out of her advice but now I am trying to fulfill the promise that I made with her and I know that by following her advice, everything would fall into place and I won' have any regrets when time comes because I know that mother's know best. My mom is one of the sweetest persons I ever met and I know I am growing to be like her na rin as I see myself today. She is my role model and no matter how hgh her expectations is of me, she believes in me that I can make the impossible possible. :)

I am thankful that I am born with such a great family--a wonderful dad, a loving mother, and a sweet sister. They are always there to support me in all. Kahit matigas ulo ko and fall short at some point in my life, they were there to help me get up and give me room for improvement. Sometimes pag nagmamagaling ako, they give me the benefit of the doubt. Ayun, tama nga sila, mali ako. hahah. I learned a lot from them and I begin to be more reasonable sa mga ginagawa ko. Sometimes I may still be fickle in decisions because I just crowd my head with so much concerns. But after I had prayed for divine guidance and put my family in the picture, things are way clearer and off with the clutter.

I guess one of my weaknesses is having too much concern and having so little faith that things would be okay. But knowing how my family has great faith in me and in my dreams, I am not afraid to make a difference and I am confident enough to show the world what I got.

I ain't gonna waste mah time doin' nothin'. I need to work and I would definitely make mah mama, papa, and sistah proud!

I love you Daddy.

I love you Mommy.

I love you Ena.

from 21 year-old your daughter,

Naomi Kaye Amistad Yanga

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Promise

He says:

"see you in: 3 months. 1 month. 1 week. 1 day. in 3 years (null)i wont even see you

you love me. i love you. you and me. who are you

almost all. hugs and kisses. hugs and kiss forehead. shake hands and hellos. quick look and go . pass by

ito ang nakabaon sa utak ko, the reasons im making myself silent instead of saying the 3 words and just saying bye :), kung nanyari lang ang ilan dito sa maikling panahon pano pa ang 3 taon na naghihintay sakin? :P pwede ko naman patunayan na mali ang hula ko pero di mo alam baka wala na ako sa mundo at that time diba? bahahaha!!! basta whats life in store for me ill take it :)"

I say:

3 seconds.

3 minutes.

3 hours.

3 days.

3 weeks.

3 months.

3 years.

3 small words that changed my life big time when I met you:

I Love You.

I know I had broken all my promises in the past, but the one I made with you, I will keep. ^^/

Hindi ka pa pwedeng mawala sa mundong ito dahil uuwian pa kita.

Magkikita pa tayo sa McDo.

Alas nueve.

Mag shopping tayo kahit walang pera.

Bibilhan mo pa ko ng panda. :P

Magkakalesa tayo sa buong lungsod.

Magpi-picture pa tayo.

Gagawa pa ng music video.

Magkekwentuhan pa tayo hanggang mag text na sila dad dahil hinahanap na ako.

Magkahawak kamay tayong maglalakad sa kalye komersiyo at mamatay sila sa inggit. :P

Tuturuan mo pa akong mag dota para matalo ko kapatid ko. :P

Ibibili ko pa lahat ng ice cream na gusto mo. hahaha

Minsan lamang sa buhay ko na makatatagpo ng isang katulad mo

at kahit minsan, nais kong patunayan sa sarili ko na kaya kong tumupad ng pangako--

and that promise is the promise that I had made with you. ^^/

Kita kits sa NAIA. April 2014. :)