Monday, February 28, 2011

30 Days of Fashion (02.28.11): Patricia


The Flower Girl

Today I would want to dedicate this page for my good friend Patricia or simply Trixie (as the world knows her). 
Why Trixie? It's because today is her 21st birthday! 

I know how you always wanted to stay 18 for a while but hey girl, age is just the number and you can always choose to be young at heart. :)
Thank you for being one of the coolest and craziest girl that I have come to know here in Brigham Young University Hawaii and thank you for being the best Kinect partner! Stay pretty as always and keep on rocking!

Naomi Kaye

Make A Wish

The unconscious model pose. LOL

Trixie and Me last Spring 2010

Isn't she just so full of joy?

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